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2015- Bianca
2015- Bianca 2015 - Our Top Consultant for 2015 is our very own Mrs. Mpumalanga - Bianca. Congratulations Bianca, you really deserve this as you started the year saying that your goal is to win The Consultant of the Year Award, and you have achieved it! We are so proud of you! consultant of the year
2014 - Ruan
2014 - Ruan Ruan, Consultant of the Year 2014 Ruan Started working for MPRTC Recruitment in 2013, and a year later, Ruan won the Consultant of the Year 2014. Ruan, you have shown us that you can achieve whatever you set your mind to and you have proved that you are to be a force to be reckoned with! Congratulations Ruan! MPRTC Recruitment Consultant of the Year
2013- Sharon
2013- Sharon Sharon, Consultant of the Year 2013 Sharon had only been a consultant for 2 years, and in 2012 Sharon came in second place for Consultant of the Year. Without any hesitation, Sharon has demonstrated what it takes to be the best. Her dedication and hard-work has finally paid off when Sharon was announced Consultant of the year 2013. Congratulations Sharon, you are an inspiration to us all. MPRTC Recruitment Consultant of the Year
2012 - Eduard
2012 - Eduard Eduard, Consultant of the Year 2012 Success is the doing, not the getting; in the trying, not the triumph. Success is a personal standard, reaching for the highest that is in us, becoming all that we can be. MPRTC Recruitment would like to congratulate Eduard in achieving the MPRTC Recruitment's Consultant of the Year 2012. Thank you for your continued commitment to the company by giving your best. May your outstanding work ethic be a lesson to others that shows success does not come through magic but by sweat, determination and hard work. Congratulations Eduard! MPRTC Recruitment Consultant of the Year
2011- Shantell
2011- Shantell Shantell, Consultant of the Year 2011 And the award for consultant of the year 2011 goes to MPRTC Recruitment's Shantell Fourie!!! Congratulations on this phenomenal achievement and showing us that hard work, perseverance and having passion and drive for your work does pay off. We would also like to applaud each and every employee at MPRTC Recruitment for helping us be the best Recruitment Agency in Mpumalanga. MPRTC Recruitment Consultant of the Year
2010- Fridah
2010- Fridah Fridah, Consultant of the Year 2010 The year of 2010 will always be remembered by MPRTC Recruitment as the year of many exciting changes and the realisation of many goals. We recently took an opportunity to reflect on the year and to recognise those consultants who have exceeded expectations. Our heartfelt congratulations go to Fridah, who was named “Consultant of the year 2010” and is the first to win this prestigious award. MPRTC Recruitment Consultant of the Year

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