We would like, with the help of the team at MPRTC Recruitment, to compile a 10 sure-fire ways to boost your CV feature, that will highlight some of the do’s and don’ts when it comes to job hunting.

  1. Photograph:  Adding a neat head-and-shoulders photograph is always beneficial.  Not necessarily the same type that you’d use for facebook or a modelling shoot!
  2. Achievements:  Separate yourself from the herd by taking the time to add the details of your major achievements/ distinctions/ awards/ qualifications.
  3. Details:  Always make sure you provide as many facts about your positions as possible.  One-liners don’t secure you an interview! But also, try to avoid drafting a novel…
  4. Personal info:  Its surprising how many people accidentally leave off their contact details!  Make sure your CV is always current and updated with your latest information.
  5. Neat:  Make sure your CV is neatly organised and easy to read. Curly, difficult-to-read fonts can be a nightmare!  And if you’re delivering a CV, it mustn’t look like it came from the scrap paper pile!
  6. Facts:  Always make sure that the info you provide is factual and accurate.  Check that you’ve given the right dates for your employment and qualifications!
  7. Think:  If you’re applying for a position, make sure that your experience and qualifications are actually relevant to the requirements!
  8. Follow up:  Don’t send out a CV and then sit back and wait for something to happen… Put some effort in – follow up, ask questions, make sure it was received!
  9. Professional: Now that you’ve handed out your well-written CV, expect calls!  Answer your phone in a friendly and polite manner, or if you can’t, refrain from using “funny” voicemail messages that could put a potential employer off!   
  10. Attitude:  Attitude is everything!  Someone that is positive, willing and eager will be contacted over and over again until the right opportunity happens

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We thought it might also be valuable to include a few tips for jobseekers who plan to attend interviews in the new year, covering topics like what questions to expect, what the appropriate responses are, how to dress (both male and female), notes on what type of makeup to use, and so forth.

  1. Go prepared:  When you’ve been invited for an interview make sure you do your homework!  Find the company’s website and do as much research as possible. Also make sure you know where they are and who to report to before the time!  Brush up on your knowledge that you know is vital for the position you’re being interviewed for! 
  2. But what should I wear?  Always be neat.  Its not always necessary to be formal, but don’t ever go in your shorts and flops!! Find out about a company’s dress code before-hand, and go dressed accordingly. Piercings, tattoos, make up or outrageous outfits are best kept to a minimum in an interview!
  3. I never know how to answer the questions properly!  When answering a question, ask yourself “does the company need this information I’m providing to assess my ability to perform in their job?” If your answer is “no”, then you need to adjust your answers!  Also remember to listen to a question, and make sure you’ve answered it…don’t get lost in a convoluted answer! 
  4. Confidence is key.. Being confident in your abilities makes others feel more confident in you.. which is important when you’re sitting in front of strangers that need to be able to trust what you’re saying!
  5. Ask questions!  Show you’re interested in the company and what they do.  But avoid the pitfalls of questions where you only show interest in what you could gain from them, such as “what are my benefits” and “when do I get leave”…
  6. Smile… We’re often so nervous that we forget to smile and be friendly!